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Why Should I Pick You?

There are two main reasons someone searches Google for a Chiropractor.
  1. They are in pain and they need you to relieve that pain.
  2. They are in pain, a friend has referred you to them, and they want to check you out before they call you.
So to be the practice that gets the call, what do you need to insure first? For most chiros the obvious answer would be to have your practice “show up” on the first page of Google OR in the Google Maps section. After all, if you’re not SEEN, you don’t have a chance… right?
Right! BUT if you have NO reviews, or worse yet, BAD reviews, you’ll most likely be skipped over for a chiropractor with a good review rating.
Conclusion: Before you spend any money on marketing make sure you have a good reputation online (and a system in place to keep it good).